Setting Standards for Tomorrow


There is a three storied hostel for long and short term courses (only for boys). Amenities like games and telephone facility etc., are available.

  • Separate cot is given to each student.
  • Purified drinking water facility is available.
  • For recreation, T.V is available.

Hostel Rules

  • Every trainee shall wear clean and respectable dress.
  • The identity card and uniform have to be maintained and cleaned at trainers own cost.
  • Damaged or lost identity card has to be replaced by trainee’s cost.
  • No furniture and cots shall be dislocated and tampered with. Any willful damage to any hostel property will be paid for together with penalty imposed by the head of the institute.
  • No organized meeting shall be held in the hostel.
  • Smoking by trainees is prohibited in the hostel. Smoking materials such as cigarettes, beedies etc, shall not be brought to the residential premises.
  • No host elite shall take any additional electrical connections from the light points provided for them.
  • The hostel room and furniture should always be neat and clean.
  • Drinking or keeping alcoholic beverages in any form by the trainees is strictly prohibited. If found, the concerned trainees will be terminated.
  • Trainees are not permitted to deface the premises by writing or nailing or sticking of pictures on the hostel room walls/toilets etc.
  • Trainees shall at all times make sincere efforts to avoid unwanted wastage of power, water and materials.
  • Trainees damaging any property of hostel shall pay the cost of repair or replacement of the same.

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